Critical Collapse

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This is our development roadmap. Here you can see what we have planned for future releases of Critical Collapse.

Version Numbering

Critical Collapse releases have version numbers formatted as major.minor to micro (for example, 2.27). Customarily, the major  version number changes when we add new features and rule changes; changes in the minor or micro portion of the version indicate edits, graphics and minor rule changes etc. releases. (note; lower case lettering is often used for spelling corrections for example 2.34a)

Release Plans


This is the current version. All further releases in the 2.40 series will be Alpha related.


  1. Complete Conditional Unit descriptions.
  2. Edit and update Tutorial.
  3. Increase hex count and map size
  4. Create new player counters for (Corporate) non-state but reliant upon States (take over manufacturing etc.)
  5. Incorporate AI systems into TR and Remote Combat.
  6. Establish a Network system between Universities independent of State.
  7. Implement Sea Transport through TR to be modified into Submarine Units.
  8. Add Submarines to the Military Units.
  9. Incorporate Earthquakes into Conditional Units.
  10. Add drones to TR (security, info-collection, and weaponized).
  11. Add Cyber Warfare to TR.


  1. Update graphics.
  2. Establish a wiki.


  1. Incorporate Oil usage with Produce production.
  2. Add Nuclear Plants to the Industrial Units
  3. Add Nuclear Energy Units to the Resources
  4. Establish Water as a Resource
  5. Form a relationship between the Resource Water Unit and Produce, Cities and Factory Units.
  6. Add map of the Moon and Helium-3 Resource Units.
  7. Add map of Mars.
  8. Add Biomass energy options TR +ER.


  1. Create a setup of the political and environmental structure of 2011.


Give me some time on some of these:)


The 3.xx version will be Beta stage.



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