Critical Collapse

 Why have a dedications page?

Well because I believe that we humans have a need to let others know that we do care about them and/or causes or ideas. I hope that is a good enough explanation.

By Thomas F. Marciniak II for my wife, Barbara who is my penguin and my best friend in the Whole Wide World, and of course for my family, Bob my brother, Diana my sister, Mary Anne my mom and my late father Tom.

A special gratitude to the creator of the Vassal Game Engine, Rodney Kinney, and the Vassal development team.

There is one further dedication that I would like to make and it is the most important of them all, it is to an individual for whom will never know about this and to this individuals' family and friends for whom I have caused terrible and irreversible pain and suffering.  To T.S.

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