Open Source Humanity

What is Open Source Humanity?

First and foremost it is a concept for the best possible world we can create and the key word here is “we.”

Secondly it is a challenge, not only for groups that have power but also for each individual that exists.

Thirdly it is a lot of work.

And finally it is an Economic solution that is so simple it appears to be complex.

If you are already familiar with many of the Open Source movements then you have a fairly good concept of what Open Source Humanity's roots are, and if you are not, then continue to read.

Open Source Humanity is not a new concept by far, in fact it is our original way of dealing with our environment. What follows below is an example of this concept,  presented in a humorous manner to fully illustrate the significance.

Around 400,000 or 700,000 years ago, give or take a 100,000 years or so, Ugh as we call him or her managed to make a fire. Ugh became very popular and soon became very powerful, Ugh didn't have to gather food any more, didn't have to hunt any more, could choose any mate Ugh desired, didn't have to build his or her shelter or make his or her clothing any more. Everyone did what Ugh said (or gestured) because Ugh knew the magic of making fire and no one else did and Ugh kept it a secret.

Now Ugh might have shared this knowledge, Ugh would probably not have received the above prestige and benefits, but it is possible.

The odds are that Ugh created a way to retain power for as long as possible, either though a manufactured belief system (a religion) or through brute force (violence), very much exactly like people do today.

But eventually someone figured it out and could make fire too! It is also quite possible that this ancestor of ours did exactly like Ugh.

And so on and so on......until the patent ran out........but you know that not all of our ancestors were like this, and how do we know this? Because we teach our children and continue to do so and this is Open Source Humanity.