Over the past 30 years the costs of education have exploded to more than a 100%, this is at a time when education should cost less because of our new technologies. Of course the costs would not be so horrific if living expenses decreased proportionally, which as you know is not the case.

We live in a world where we desperately need solutions to so many problems that it is truly overwhelming. Knowledge is a major key to having the proper tools for problem solving and at present is still used as a tool of power.

Exactly who is to blame for these conditions? Is it our governments? Is it our religious institutions?  Is it the giant corporations? Is it the share holders?  Is it our economic systems? Is it you and me?

Well, it is a combination of all of us. We humans are very complex creatures, from our sexuality to our deranged need to wage war and take what isn't ours, from our lust for power to our kindness to strangers....the list goes on and on and on...

So where does that leave us?

There are and have been movements and ideas that attempt to bypass our greed and other idiosyncrasies, democracy, communism, occupy wall-street, free enterprise,  etc. All of these attempts and experiments fall short but the attempts are what is important because there are small success' with each experiment.

Back to Education...there are now online education courses that require no loan, money or grants, they are open to the public (at least the public that has the ability to have a computer with an internet connection {this includes mobile devices}).

There are groups of engineers, software and hardware developers, scientists and artists, framers etc. who have opened up their knowledge in the forum of Open Source so that all may benefit from either their creations, inventions or knowledge freely.

So we are still experimenting and getting closer every time to solving problems, which by the way we will never solve them all because we are human of course, but  that doesn't mean we shouldn't try.